We can provide the following services to our partners: maintenance, the exhibition of self-certificate, placing on the market of the radioactive materials, marketing, storage, transport, obtaining Hungarian license and continuous surveillance, counseling, shipment escort. If any above-mentioned services that you wish to use, contact us with complete confidence.



Our company putting into service instruments that currently or formerly placed on the market, maintenance,  repairing and coordinate the producer's possible repairing. Areas of expertise: laboratory automate, ELISA instruments, research devices (HPLC, PCR etc.), surgical gamma probe (Europobe), urea expiratory test with measuring apparatus. Furthermore, at the site of the operator, we make maintenance of mechanic, electronic and computing system of the emitting ionizing radiation equipment which contains radioactive materials.

The exhibition of self-certificate

Placing of the radioactive materials on the market, our company prepare the self-certificate by the regulation of 11/2010. (III.4.) KHEM and achieve the direction of the local and central register. In Hungary, this regulation control containing data at the self-certificate of the produced pieces and for marketing. The local and central data service covered by this regulation also.

Radioaktive materials

Placing on the market of the radioactive materials and distribution

We have placed on the market of the radioactive materials and imported for decades. Our radioactive products were applied by home medicine, several industrial branches, basic and applied research. Primarily, we attend of these materials trade and importation but home made radioactive compounds, kits and drugs are also appeared on our product palettes. We equip the industrial sectors with sealed sources using for radiographed purposes and different sealed sources operating instruments and process control systems.

Storage of the radioactive materials

Radioactive materials, kits, radioactive sources, standards, equipments, ionic smoke detectors and chemicals were stored at the isolated warehouse which dispose of adequate licenses.

Transport of the radioactive materials

At our warehouse we prepare the radioactive materials for transport: producing transport documents, checking the packages with the documents, superscribing, surface dose rate measurement, labellings and determining the Transport Index. We perform the road transport of the products of class 7 ADR.

The acquisition of licenses and continuous surveillance, advice in Hungary

We help to obtain a license for imported in Hungary or transit transport for our contract manager. We continuous monitor the legislative changes accordingly our partner's licenses will be continuous update in order to enable the continuous operations in Hungary.

Shipment monitoring

For the contract manager we apply shipment accompany with providing nuclear security.


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