Our portfolio contains laboratory equipments used either in research laboratories or diagnostic laboratories, from small lab equipments to big lab instruments. Besides new equipments we also offer good quality used lab equipments. We offer instruments as well as consumables for our 13C-Urea breath test (UBT). Technical service background with experienced service engineer is provided.


Our products:

  • Instruments and consumables for 13C-Urea breath test
  • PCR thermo cyclers
  • qPCR thermo cyclers
  • Automated system for nucleic acid purification
  • Gel electrophoresis
  • Gel documentation systems
  • Balances and scales
  • PCR cabinet
  • Small lab equipments (e.g. shakers, mixers)
  • Photosynthesis measuring equipments
  • Used lab equipments (selling and buying)

Our partners:

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